Aww your Instagram is private ( ̄□ ̄;)


Sorry for late reply, I haven’t had time to use the internet /startplayingharvestmoonassoonIgethome/

Hello ~ <3 Do you have instagram, Michi? If yes, what's your username/what are you called? XD


/it’s an Easter witch btw/

I barely use it, hopefully I can start taking photos of my traditional drawings once I start doing them xD

Shoujo pairings that I like. In case anyone cares, I like to read shoujo manga;; 

So the lineart is done…but I don’t want to do the colouring. How do you do it again? (*TーT*) Next week is the last week of school, gahhhh, vad ska jag göra då? Lata mig hela dagarna igen?, skiiiiit